Phone Lenovo Z5 is finally ready to improve Android 9 Pie, and you’ll soon

Lenovo Z5

He was obsessed with the Lenovo with the phone Lenovo Z5 is scooped up some good sales and recover some of its lost market share. Obviously, that phone was strong enough to ignite the heat of competition, the sale of the first payments within a few seconds, but quickly abandoned the company Lenovo on this phone and move on to other projects, such as Lenovo Z5S and Lenovo Z5 Pro GT lately.

While the company failed for Lenovo to fulfill its promise to bring the update to Android 9 Pie with interface ZUI 4.0 quickly to the phone, can million phone Lenovo Z5 to get out now because it seems that the company Lenovo is now starting to test update Android 9 Pie for this phone. According to observations, this update is a demo of the New brings with it Android 9 Pie, one ZUI 10 at the top.

It should be noted that the interface ZUI 10 new focusing heavily on improving the user interface by adopting such things as gestures 4D U-Touch, the fund input magic, put a floating window ( Picture in Picture ). Additions include other small device, a calorie tracker built-in, support for payment transactions via mobile device for more safety during payment for the purchases. Furthermore, this new interface brings with it also a function to unlock the phone by face, as well as many improvements to the performance and stability of the operating system, with the knowledge that they are also working to improve efficiency in energy consumption.


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