Phone iPhone X was going to in the past year without charging port

iphone x

Without a doubt condemned many of the customers decision to remove port headphones 3.5 mm phones iPhone in the year 2016. However, it seems that Apple was on the verge of getting rid of another port, an outlet is somewhat important. According to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg, it appears that Apple had thought at one stage at the disposal of the charging port in the phone the iPhone X.

According to Bloomberg, it has stated by saying : ” hope the designers of Apple eventually remove most of the ports and buttons of the external on the iPhone, including the charging port, according to people familiar with the work of the company. During the development of the phone iPhone X, Apple think hard about getting rid entirely of the charging system wired “.

However, given that the wireless charging system is still slower compared to wired charging, I decided Apple to abandon the idea of getting rid of the charging port. This actually is interesting, especially when you consider that there are rumors indicated that Apple are considering replacement port Lightning port USB Type-C. Apple moving to USB Type-C in laptops, so for iPhones this process remain out of the question at all.

There is no information currently about whether to abandon the charging port fully is still part of the plans of Apple, but at the same time Apple have a wireless Charging Dock which bear the name of AirPower, the base wireless charging, which recently rumored that it will reach the market in the month of September.


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