Phone iPhone X explodes suddenly after the upgrade to iOS 12.1


Usually seen updates on it is a good thing because they tend to bring with it Various fixes and improvements, as well as some new features. However, in the case of the user Rocky Mohamadali on the network Twitter, it seems to upgrade his phone to iPhone X to iOS 12.1 recently caused an undesirable outcome.

According to Rocky Mohamadali, it supports that after the upgrade the phone. iPhone X to iOS 12.1 machine became hot suddenly went up in flames. As you can see in the pictures below, it wasn’t its simple, it has caused a burning battery in a crash the energy of the glass and the background history of the very large gap.

During his conversation with the Gadgets 360, stated Rocky Mohamadali by saying : ” in the beginning of this year, bought an iPhone X and used it normally. Smoke dark gray cause of the phone. Completed update once you restart the phone began to smoke and caught fire “. He also claims that he was using the charger official Apple, this precludes the theory that it happens because of use of the charger of the third party.

Since then, the response account Apple Support official tweet Rocky Mohamadali indicating that this ” unexpected power“, and that you should contact to resolve the problem. However, given that iPhone X was in the market for more than a year without any incident, it is possible to say that this is an isolated incident.

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