Phone Huawei P30 Pro receives new update brings with it a host of improvements sensor fingerprint camera

Huawei P30 Pro --

Still Phone Huawei P30 Pro new in the market but is already receiving a major update that aims to improve the performance of fingerprint reader built-in screen, as well as improving the performance of the camera.

We still haven’t receive the update on the unit’s own phone Huawei P30 Pro, but the company Huawei they work to improve the night mode dedicated camera. Will the images captured in environments of low illumination, some control also, besides the advantage SuperZoom.

Receives fingerprint reader built-in screen some of the improvements that should lead to improved performance overall, both in terms of speed or accuracy. It is assumed that it becomes more sensitive too, whatever that means. In addition, you can stop synchronizing a better audio and video during playback of videos on Instagram and promote the message notifications. Overall, this new update is currently available over-the-air for your phone Huawei P30 Pro in India, but it certainly will be released to the rest of the features of the phone all over the world during the next few days.

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