Phone Huawei Mate X will be available in the month of June, has briefly appeared on the store Vmall

Huawei Mate X -

Smartphone will be folding for Huawei Mate X available for purchase later this year, but Huawei has been silent about the launch date of this phone exactly. However, it has been removing the mystery now thanks to the store Vmall in China, which is run by Huawei itself, which revealed the last piece of the puzzle.

In fact, it appeared smartphone folding Huawei Mate X briefly on the Chinese App Store mentioned above, history shows the facilities that will be launching this phone in the month of June next. In case if you don’t know it, the phone Huawei Mate X will be first smartphone folding of Huawei, but will also be the first smartphone from the Chinese company called 5G.

Officially, it will be the phone Huawei Mate X rollaway available in the middle of this year at a price of up to 2300 euros. And, of course, faces the phone is not confidential, the company has to be revealed officially about this phone at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019, which was held late last February in Barcelona, Spain. So, if you’re more interested in learning more about this phone, we suggest you take a look at this article detailed here.


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