Phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers the advantage of hai vision

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هاتف Huawei Mate 20 Pro يقدم ميزة هاي فيجن

Allowed us the technical development in recent years, achieving many things we dreamed about, but gave us sometimes the possibilities exceeded our expectations, it is he thought like that he would be able to contact his family real-time audio from anywhere, any time as is happening today, however, this potential is not the only gift that gave us technology, but perhaps the possibility of obtaining real-time information represents one of the most beautiful pearls, and today is no separate you from the wealth of knowledge about everything in the world is almost more than some clicks and assists on the screen, We can today drowning it in oceans of enormous knowledge and acquire skills and information and learning from the lessons of the past and present whenever we want.

And everybody knows today how being searches for information on the internet because it is an easy way actually, but would you believe us if we told you it’s becoming easier, faster, and more accurate, thanks to the integration possibilities of artificial intelligence in the latest phones launched by Huawei, it’s a phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which provides this smartphone a model developed to take advantage of technology to access the information in a unique manner is is associating everything you see camera information instantaneous minutes, which is a feature that allows Huawei Hi Vision HiVision.

Everything what surrounds you in the blink of an eye

Enjoy the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro advantage Hi-Vision HiVision, namely the ability of the phone to identify the elements that you see the lens of his camera to give information immediately, whether it is a piece of classical art or food dishes or famous landmarks, or even write in a particular language, since become a museum visit most enjoyable and informative and top-notch education with the help of this feature, because it would provide additional information about the remarkable paintings Art famous artists once you point a camera to it, and if you find a memorial special, you’re going in the streets of Barcelona and I wanted to know more about that in a moment, Enough that there’s a camera phone him to tell you his name and the story of its creation.

If you intend to experience Japanese dishes new as you wander the city of Tokyo is charming, but you’re not sure about to ask and that is located in a great, just floating around above the camera menu to allow for hai vision that opens the bolts of the Japanese language and translates to you the names of the dishes and their components, this will not feel you are a stranger in a new city analysis, features Hi-Vision in your smart phone ready to be your tourist guide profile in the palm of your hand.

Knowing the calories in the dishes

No longer control the calories in eating the question you need to labs and analysis, so that should not be a user concern if you ask a cheese sandwich, but he worries if she will exceed the maximum rate of his daily caloric, as all you have to do is run the feature Hai vision and her permission to identify components of the sandwich and measure the size approximate to your quantity of calories.

While in case you need to increase the potassium in your food, but you do not have the appetite for a light meal, just floating around with the camera on a banana and then avocado to provide you high Vision the value of their food aid and compare between them.

The company said Huawei provide the advantage of hai vision, the ability to estimate the amount of calories found in a hundred type of different food, so if you see a piece of candy, you can direct the camera to guide you to the electronic store sells them, and this applies to things also, as in case you find a product you may like it, the phone will not only notify you where to purchase it, but will suggest similar options.

And phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro users enormous possibilities to add this amazing feature to the camera, it opens doors and perspectives of knowledge and information useful and help you to discover new things and your more to to what you need is simply superior.

The gate Arab News Technical phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers the advantage of Hi-Vision

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