Phone Huawei folding up in the month of November next, according to a new report


Huawei is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of smart phones growing in the world, this explains why you always require this company to overthrow the with Samsung sports. While the frequency of long ago that Samsung is working on her smart phone rollaway, there is no any circumstantial evidence suggesting it will be released this phone in the near future. Regardless of Samsung, has been in the past and also that there are a range of other companies that work on smart phones, foldable, and now it is reported that Huawei eyeing to launch its smartphone folding the first in the month of November this year. It is estimated that the Chinese company wants to get the title of ” the world’s first company launch the smart phone retractable “.

Some of you may remember the company ZTE, which has already launched its smartphone folding ZTE Axon M late last year, but technically we can not describe this phone as a smartphone retractable because it basically comprises two separate screens, while smartphones folding real must include one screen folding.

The new report issued by South Korea allude to the fact that Huawei intends to launch its smartphone rollaway in the month of November of this year, this means that it will most likely before you Samsung detects her smart phone rollaway. And does this report say that the company Huawei recently signed partnerships with foreign companies supplied components to provide the components that will be included in her smart phone rollaway. Regardless of the phone Huawei folding, he mentioned recent reports that Samsung phone rollaway won’t arrive probably until next year because the South Korean company wants to make sure that this phone works perfect before it was released.

So in case if the company Huawei detects her smart phone rollaway in the month of November next, there is no certainty that the Chinese company will ship this phone immediately. Will wait to see How long it would take Huawei time before you start shipping units after the announcement of the phone.



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