Phone +HTC U12 starts to receive a new update in the Europe, Middle East and Africa

HTC U12+

I started units +HTC U12 in Europe, Middle East and Africa to receive the new update. This update, which the company HTC launched now for its current flagship with a size of 160 MB and upgrade the structure of the operating system in the phone to 1.30.401.2 note that it comes mainly to update the operating system and repair some errors, as well as closing some security holes in the operating system as it brings with it further security fixes for the month of September.

This update is now available for download over the air in the three areas mentioned above, but supposed to be up to the users in the rest of the world in the near future. There is a lot of information about the things that this update fixed it exactly, but for to record the changes short, it’s not like it brings any new features.

Is +HTC U12 one of the smart phones of four of the company HTC, which will get update Android 9 Pie. Promised the Taiwanese company upgrade her phone to the current flagship to Android 9 Pie, but she didn’t reveal to us yet about any time frame for that happening, both for the phone +the HTC U12 or smart phones the other three which include the HTC U11 +HTC U11 and HTC U11 Life.



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