Phone HTC Exodus 1 is now available for purchase, and shipped the first batch of requests

HTC Exodus 1

HTC Exodus 1, which is the first phone from the company HTC, which is based on the technology block now available for purchase is named. Company launched HTC already shipped the first batch of requests. In the case if you are interested in buying one, you can using one of the digital currencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin and Ethereum. At the same time, join the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee to team Exodus as a consultant.

What makes this phone special is the work portfolio of digital Zion which is developed by the company. She used to pocket the security processor Snapdragon 845 to keep your keys hidden from parts is reliable Android applications.

An application will Zion download phone HTC Exodus 1 to portfolio for for your digital. But what if I lose the phone? Well, in the event that you will be able to recover the keys through the use of Social Key Recovery to choose the many reliable persons in a manner that enables them to re-create your private key if they were all together.

I have a phone HTC Exodus 1 links deeper into the world of digital currencies. Will be running apps “Dapps” decentralization, which operate simultaneously on several devices to ensure you get the results that can be trusted and cannot be manipulated. Did not disclose company HTC for a lot of details, but it’s supposed to be run above the interior.

As for the phone itself, it has a screen size of 6 inches and accurately +QuadHD display, and a processor eight-core class Snapdragon 845, and the random size of 6GB, and mnemonic internal size of 128GB, as well as a front camera accurately 8 megapixels and rear double accurately 16 megapixels, the sensor basic. Moreover, this phone features a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh and a certificate of IP68 which makes it resistant to water and dust.

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