Phone Honor View 10 gets updated brings many of the features

This phone boasts that he is walking in the footsteps of most smartphones that have been launched during the past year in relation to the police and discover the pressure.

In the month of December 2017, Huawei launched its phone flagship smartphone Honor View 10, which included Android oreo 8.0 processor Kirin 970 cameras went back on the screen long, along with the processing unit neural niche NPU that bring the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

This phone is characterized as following in the footsteps of most smartphones that have been launched during the past year, especially in relation to the police and the discovery of narrow and width ratio of 18:9, has stated Huawei earlier that he would get the facial recognition feature by updating the antenna coming.

It seems that the material has come, as Huawei has released an update pneumatically phone comes with size 602 MB, and brings with it facial recognition feature to unlock, along with many other features such as notifications, smart and smart, training smart, and is supposed to arrive this update to all users by January 24.

And speaking of features, the face detection facilitate the process of decoding a locking device quickly by looking at the screen, knowing that this feature will not work if the user has closed his eyes.

Due to the low security level of this feature, it works only in respect of unzip the lock device, and not with other things such as online payments.

It also brings update notifications smartphone, which displays information, notifications on the lock screen when its on your face, while remaining hidden when not exposed on the face.

There is also a trading feature to the smartphone, which allow to rotate the screen automatically based on the direction of the face, and smart screen, which allows the company to continue its work as long as the user viewed even if it does not interact with the phone.

Along with bringing his patches Android security for the month of January 2018 and to protect against the loophole Meltdown newly discovered, features advanced imaging within the camera interface, such as changing the background while you use the front camera to detect movement of the camera foreground and background elements moving, and improve the image quality when you zoom through artificial intelligence.


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