Phone Honor View 10 gets feature Face Unlock by new update

Honor View 10

The company announced the Huawei earlier this month that the phone Honor View 10 will feature Conquest by face, Face Unlock through a software update. Well, I announced the Huawei now they actually started issuing this update and it should be up by January 24.

Feature of Face Unlock in the phone Honor View 10 similar in the way they work for Conquest by the face in the other phones, it allows in turn to unlock the phone when looking at the screen. If you close your eyes, it will not be unlock the phone. Given the reduced security level of this feature, they are only available to unlock your screen and not for other things such as authentication on the operations of online payment.

What it can do is recognize it when you look at the lock screen for your phone and extend your notifications so you can read it. If someone else pick up the phone keep the notifications hidden. It should be noted that this feature also know when you look at the phone, so it doesn’t turn off the screen even if you don’t interact with the phone.

Finally, the phone can know if you look at the screen and adapt the position of your head. The purpose is that if you are lying on the bed, the screen does not rotate and maintains the upright position.

The other things that come out of this update over the air find the option to change the background of your photos while using the front camera, motion detection camera front and back which reveal the movable element picks up the movement as a whole, as well as improved artificial intelligence responsible for the improved sound.

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