Phone Honor 10 receives new update brings with it features and enhancements new

Honor 10 -

I started a sub-brand Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei recently released a new update for the phone Honor 10 through the air carrying structure number COL-L29, brings with it some useful features and maybe new.

The first thing you’ll notice after you install this update is the new application supports a Party Mode allowing the connection of several devices via NFC to play the sound experience of the surroundings and the characteristic of running through one song at once. It is noteworthy that the phone is Honor View 10 got this app too, but we can not confirm whether it is possible to connect both devices through the application of the Party Mode. However, we wonder about the number of users who use it really, if it was limited to devices Honor only.

Anyway, let’s start with the improvements useful. I got the camera application on a new feature related to artificial intelligence, working to display a text message little about the type of effect that will use artificial intelligence to build on the scene as soon as you start taking pictures.

Sensor fingerprint got on the small addition also. Now reveals your phone to any extent of the registration your fingerprint and if it will be recognizable from a certain angle. Will message and delete your fingerprint is saved and replace it. Improvements include the addition of new themes, and cultural New District, as well as improve the performance and add security fixes for the month of May.



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