Phone games Nubia Red Magic Mars will be released in the next week with a therapist SD845

Nubia Red Magic 2

Today was finally the disclosure of the date of official unveiling of phone games Nubia Red Magic Mars. In fact, I have the sub-brand Nubia of ZTE today published poster and trailer allude to that phone its next flagship source for lovers of games will carry the name Nubia Red Magic Mars and it will be official unveiling of this phone in day 28 of the month of November, which means next week, exactly on Wednesday.

I didn’t hear a lot about this phone, and what has been confirmed so far is that it will have 10GB of RAM, the feedback Lindsay quartet-dimensional 4D Shock. Given that previous rumors had hinted to the possibility of his arrival with the buttons a lot, we believe that the brand Nubia has designed this phone to deliver the same gameplay experience offered by the portable game consoles such as PS Vita players.


Based on some information that was imported also from the platform performance tests Geekbench, it seems that the phone will be equipped Nubia Red Magic Mars you processor octa-core Snapdragon 845. However, we would like to point out that the version that was spotted on the platform of Geekbench includes 6GB of memory and random only, while spotted another version in the platform performance tests AnTuTu include 8GB of RAM. As for the women, which includes 10GB of RAM, so be monitored in anywhere until now. When it comes to screen resolution, they are still in the range of +FullHD style phone Nubia Red Magic current. When it comes to the operating system, it has been monitoring the phone in the platform Geekbench works already Android 9 Pie.



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