Phone Galaxy S11 will be released with a screen long, according to new data


Still early to get leaks about the Galaxy S11, but we are now starting to get some leaks. First, we received information that Samsung will start to test the camera close-ups that provide a visual approximation of $ x 5 for Galaxy S11, and now thanks to test the browser on the platform HTML5Test, we got new information about the Galaxy S11.

Uses the device that was tested, code name SM-G416U, which is the code name used by Samsung when test the model of Galaxy S new it hasn’t been released yet. Not surprisingly, we find that the phone is running Android 10, but keeps the interesting thing is to see this phone boasts a screen long feature with a height of 20:9.

Used series phones Galaxy S10 Series and the Galaxy Note 10 Series monitors feature with a height of 19:9 as containing other phones like the Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A70 screen the longest stretch by Width Height 20:9. It is not clear what will you do Samsung with the extra height of the company or whether it will be used the front camera a popup.

Not expected to be detected by the phone Galaxy S11 until next February at least, so stay tuned for lots of leaks and rumors that are bound to emerge in the foreseeable future.

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