Phone Galaxy S10e does not guarantee a sensor’s heartbeat, the reason is to reduce costs

Galaxy S10e ---

When Samsung announced the series phones Galaxy S10 Series new, the company detects four different models of the Galaxy S10e one of them note that the user intends the cheapest in this collection. Given that the user intends the cheapest, we had expected that the company Samsung to drop on some elements to reduce costs, and it turns out now that the sensor heartbeat was one of these elements.

In case you haven’t heard about it before, has Samsung included the sensor heartbeat in the smart phones Arena. Of course, don’t take Samsung too much light on this feature when you announce the phones leading, and why I didn’t remember the South Korean company anything about this sensor in the event Samsung Unpacked 2019 last. However, according to the website SamMobile, it appears that Samsung decided to get rid of the feature Sensor heartbeat in the Galaxy S10e to cut costs in order to offer it at a low price in the market.

Does this lead to spoiling the deal? Not necessarily, because there seems to be apps from third party can say the same thing, or at least relatively the same task, so it may be worth checking out these apps if you need them. In case you haven’t heard about the sensor heartbeat, it uses a camera in the backend to conduct a survey of your finger to try to figure out your heart rate by monitoring blood flow.

Of course, this method is not as accurate as the sensors designed basically see heart rate, but this method may be useful if you’re trying to build a certain basis.

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