Phone Galaxy S10 5G will be more than 1200$ in South Korea


Samsung slide the curtain officially for Galaxy S10 5G without to reveal its official rate. However, it has today released a new report from South Korea suggests that Samsung can actually launch this phone in the mother country in the next week, including the version which includes 8GB of RAM 512GB of internal memory.

This report alludes to that version 8GB/256GB from phone Galaxy S10 5G would be the equivalent of 1220 USD, while going to be the version which includes double the internal memory is equivalent to 1360 USD.

Will be launching the Galaxy S10 5G on the 5th day of April, which means after approximately seven days from now, but South Korea will be the first country in the world gets this phone, but the company plans to American Communications Verizon to begin accepting pre-orders for this phone on the same day also, but the launch will not be until after a lapse of two weeks to say the least. And mention it, you’ll get customers who have decided to get the phone before April 16, free on headphones Galaxy Buds, Charger Wireless, as well as discounted by 50 percent for one-on replacement screen within the first year.

After South Korea and the United States of America, will be launching the Galaxy S10 5G in six European countries, namely France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Work and then my company calls at least with Samsung to develop 5G own to provide the maximum possible speed for your Galaxy S10 5G. However, we are still waiting to see if the display will be the Galaxy S10 5G in Europe for the same price but with the change of the sign of the dollar with the euro.


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