Phone Galaxy Fold will reach more markets in the near future

Samsung Galaxy Fold

According to a new report from the news agency, the Korea Herald, it seems that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Fold folding in more markets soon. According to this report, it appears that Samsung is planning to bring her smart phone foldable into new markets include Japan, Poland, Mexico, and Switzerland further to the list of the current countries in which the phone which include South Korea and the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Singapore.

For South Korea, using Samsung to sell defence-third note that the company sells its smartphone folding in batches of about 10 thousand units. Despite high prices, the implementation of the units in a matter of minutes. According to market analysts, the company Samsung has already sold 20 thousand units of the Galaxy Fold in defense of the previous two.

Official says Train to Samsung regarding the launch of the Galaxy Fold in limited numbers because it leads to raising the value of the phone in the market. This adds charge to the Samsung company has set up about 100 thousand units of collapsible screen used in the Galaxy Fold, although some of these screens are reserved for the repairs.

In Japan, I will take my phone Galaxy Fold for a cure Samsung commercial in the joint, to join his brothers who are selling them under the brand Galaxy instead of Samsung with the knowledge that this is what has been the case since the year 2015 almost. Before concluding, We would like to point out that there is another country due to arrive to the Galaxy Fold, this country is China. It is expected that the launch of the Galaxy Fold there on the day to November 1 to compete with Huawei Mate X, a subsidiary of Huawei.

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