Phone Galaxy Fold subject tests performance, and the result is impressive


Today was the monitoring of the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold on the platform performance tests Geekbench. Unfortunately, I registered this phone as a result of high in spite of the fact that it comprises a processor Snapdragon 855 و12GB of memory random.

What suggests this is that the user’s operating system in this unit that has been tested has not been completed yet, and still in front of Samsung’s a lot of work to do before the launch of the phone on the 26th day of April next. The other thing interesting is the code name SM-900F, that’s the code name for the international version of the Galaxy Fold. If these women use the processor Snapdragon 855, it certainly demonstrates that it will not launch another copy of this phone include a processor Exynos 9820.

Lately, the back of the phone Galaxy Fold in a leaked video where we get a glimpse of him. Can’t say much in terms of performance given that the video duration of a few seconds only and has not been confirmed whether the phone that appeared in the video is a preliminary version or a commercial version.


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