Phone Galaxy Fold no features port headphones 3.5 mm, but it includes something important at the top


Smartphone folding Galaxy Fold featuring two screens and my battery will be cameras, but it unfortunately lacks a separate headphones 3.5 mm. This puts him in a very short list of Samsung phones that lack this product such as the Galaxy A8S and Samsung W2019. Moreover, it also lacks an external memory port MicroSD phone style Galax S10-5G.

Kept Samsung smartphone foldable Galaxy Fold away from the prying eyes of journalists and Technical, a-la-carte, very in respect demonstrate aspects of the device. For example, I don’t know most of the pictures, videos, and promotional phone sensor fingerprint inscribed on the side.

Find the picture of the top of the machine is a very difficult task, and all we have is this. Starting from the top left clockwise, there is the speaker port, USB Type-C microphone extra…it is not clear exactly what is the slot on the bottom left. It’s in the half that houses the external screen. This half also degree SIM while the other half home to for the control buttons as power button and fingerprint reader.


Will phone Galaxy Fold available to consumers starting from April 26 in the United States of America and May 3rd in Europe. Given that it would be 1980$, we do not expect to require potential landlords for this the phone of the absence of a separate heaven because they’ll be able to simply use the headphones wireless.

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