Phone for Oppo Reno will be several copies fine, including one that supports 5G, and will screen Dynamic AMOLED


Did you enjoy the pictures captured using the phone for Oppo Reno law firm for Oppo for many historical monuments which shown us what can be done by the camera with the approximation of $ 10x in this phone? Well, if you do, here are some additional photos that were taken using this phone with the knowledge that there is a photo taken using the camera wide angle and other photos taken the same scenes using the camera telephoto. Unfortunately, it was reduced the accuracy of these images to 1080p.

According to information posted on social network Sino Weibo, there are Oppo Reno will have three cameras at the back, where you have main camera sensor type Sony IMX586 accurately 48 megapixels with lens girl variable ( 1.5 and 2.4 ) along the lines of the phone Oppo R17 Pro. Regardless of the camera, it has a frequency also the day that the phone Oppo Reno will have a battery with a capacity of 4065mAh technology supports fast charging 50W Super VOOC, a charging technology that will charge the battery fully within just 40 minutes.

Phone for Oppo Reno will further processor Snapdragon 855, and the random size of 8GB or 10GB, as well as an internal memory size of 256GB of type UFS 2.1. Otherwise, there are rumors hinting the possibility of the advent of the phone Oppo Reno 5G, which phone you will get it along with all the specifications mentioned above on the season Qualcomm X50 compatible with the 5G, and bigger battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, as well as the RAM size of 12GB, the internal memory size of 256GB.

As for phone for Oppo Reno Lamborguini, it was speculated that it will come with an internal memory bigger, faster, and with a capacity of 512GB which is of type UFS 3.0. Moreover, this phone will be released also with 12GB of RAM, and with a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. On the other hand, it was speculated that the phone Oppo Reno will screen Dynamic AMOLED accurately +FullHD support +HDR10, and sensor fingerprint. When it comes to price, it has been listed as follows :

Style Memory Price been Chinese Price in US dollars
Oppo Reno 8/256GB CNY 5000 $745
10/256GB CNY 5500 $820
12/256GB CNY 7000 $1,040
Oppo Reno Lamborghini 12/512GB CNY 10000 $1500
Oppo Reno Light Deluxe 8/128GB CNY 3700 $550
8/256GB CNY 4000 $600

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that the company Oppo has developed a digital assistant phone for Oppo Reno supports Breeno. This will be a digital assistant capable of voice recognition and voice commands as well, as it can work to prevent your smartphone. Thus, this means that the Breeno will have the same capabilities of the newest digital assistants, although this does not necessarily mean that the market is in need of a digital assistant additional.


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