Phone for Oppo Reno 5G gets the authentication needed to work on 5G networks European

oppo 5g

The test version of 5G phone Oppo Reno by Sporton obtained the certificate of 5G CE by the CTC. This means that your phone is ready to work on 5G in Europe.

Based on the same phone to be launched in the first half of this year. Been tested to use a range of n78, this means that the phone will enjoy broad support in Europe. It is clear that telecommunications companies European Commission is still working on the launch of the 5G, but through what we got so far, the Orange and Telecom Italia and British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will use the domain n78.

To help speed things up, the company Oppo launched the initiative, “5G Landing Project” which includes several partners from telecommunications companies to help accelerate the commercial adoption of the products of 5G. By the way, was the authentication on the 4G version of the phone Oppo Reno a few days ago by a Bluetouth SIG.


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