Phone for Oppo R17 coming soon, have includes 10GB of RAM

Oppo Find X

The company Oppo has officially unveiled the two phones Oppo R15 and Oppo R15 Pro in the month of March just past, but it seems that the company Oppo started really working on the successor of one of them at least. It is not surprising to hear that he will get the name of the Oppo R17.

It was revealed by the leaked Chinese posted the picture below on the social network of Chinese Weibo. And taken the photograph at a media event sponsored by the company for Oppo, as you can see the company has already begun the thrill of the phone Oppo R17.


Didn’t show any other details about the phone in this event, but the same leaker said earlier that the phone will random memory huge size of up to 10 GB. However, we recommend everyone to include this report in the category of ” unconfirmed rumors “. However, if it works, the Oppo R17 will have the capacity to become the first smartphone featuring this huge amount of RAM. This is definitely gonna interest those who yearn for the large numbers in the spec sheet.



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