Phone for Oppo K1.. suitable for strong new economic category

Despite the fact that the sensor footprint beneath the screens were proposed during the financial period on big phones without any sign of change, except that Oppo wants to change this quickly. Phone for Oppo K1 new offers you sensor fingerprint under the screen of your phone and is priced at $ 230 only where available in the Chinese markets first.

The new phone shares with the Oppo F9 the most expensive in a number of features such as cameras front Strictly Come 25 megapixel dual rear camera. The phone comes new screen accurately 6.4-inch Full HD + which has become a precision current where I put the company the LCD screen being an option is good with the sensor footprint is the lowest of the screens to replace it with a Amoled display.

Varies the new phone also on the Oppo F9 in the slide where the phone comes the new chip Snapdragon 660 for a slice Helip P60 Soc from MediaTek-owned phone for Oppo most expensive. As for the rest of the specifications have not been disclosed so far through the company’s website, but we can expect a rear camera accurately 16 megapixel and 2 megapixel with battery capacity of 3500 mah if it’s in the footsteps of F9.

The new phone comes at a price equivalent to 231 USD in China to copy 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory while comes Version 6 GB of RAM without changing the internal memory at a price equivalent to $ 260 in China. Can’t confirm that these prices will be in all the same states that put up the phone.

The company Oppo has introduced the first phone equipped with a fingerprint under the screen for months which phone Oppo Find X which was the first of its phones to a full completely where he introduced the clockwork appearance of the front camera and entry to the phone again. Although already for Oppo to deliver water only to the company Vivo Chinese were preceded by each of them whether in full screen or sensor of the fingerprint placed under the screen of the phone.

And the OBO that you promote as much as possible even on the side of the design, which is trying to distinguish itself through its hard-water drop Micro which looks very good.

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