Phone, Find X from the Oppo takes me about extrusion adds camera technology pop-up

This theme phone, Find X from the Oppo takes me about extrusion adds camera technology pop-up appeared on Engadget.

It seems that the phone, Find X new Oppo which is officially announced in Paris today, will see a number of design ideas trendy in addition to some modern features. Will include phone large screen sizes up to 6.4 inches, which covers 92.25% of the phone, and the phone has no protrusion.

Depends The design of the camera system is the most important characteristic of the phone, where he needs to prepare the camera disappeared completely only shows that you open the camera application and disappears when close to the investigation. When you open the application the camera, the front camera with a resolution of 25 mega pixels from the top of the phone which contains a system of three-dimensional facial recognition, that in addition to the rear camera Double accurately 16 mega pixel camera + 20 megapixel emanate from the top also when you open Camera application for.

Looks like a phone, Find X design phone Galaxy S9 Plus from Samsung, due to the aspects of the curve are the round OLED screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels in addition to the glass design of the front and back.

Depends system The camera the bunker and the curve is what can Oppo the arrival of the screen to the top edge of the phone, which makes it the first phone to do that, that’s where the phone Nex of Vivo contains only the front camera pop up, while easing the Oppo set up the camera as a whole, which makes it a unique company.

Device does not need Find X to any kind of sensor of the fingerprint, instead of that, the phone has a facial recognition feature three-dimensional and is present within the camera setup pop-up. When you pass you up the lock screen when the phone is turned, will pop up the upper part of the phone and recognize your face and unlock the phone, will take you only a few seconds, don’t worry about it.

Apart from its unique design, The phone features a Snapdragon processor 845 of Qualcomm in addition to random memory capacity of 8 GB and storage capacity up to 256 GB, battery with a capacity of 3730 mAh with charging VOOC rapid from Oppo which looks like a charging Dash from OnePlus, and the phone is available with Dual SIM cards.

For the operating system, The phone will announce the Find X with the Android system oreo version 8.1 in addition to the system of Color OS custom from the Oppo, which will contain system Color OS many of the features of existing iOS and Android from Samsung, which makes it interesting.

The availability of the LTE world very important where the said Oppo phone will be the first phone sold in North America and Europe after it was phones Oppo just limited to China, India, the Philippines and some other Asian countries. It is expected that you know Oppo for specific prices and information on telecommunications companies in North America and Europe soon.

Will provide phone, Find X for pre-order in China starting today, the rate will be less than the prices of other smartphones that have been designed with similar.


This theme phone, Find X from the Oppo takes me about extrusion adds camera technology pop-up appeared on Engadget.

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