Phone cameras Sony Xperia 1 results disappointing in the tests, DxOMark

Xperia 10 Plus

The team DxOMark specialized in testing cameras, smart phones Review phone Xperia 1 from Sony, the final result indicate that this phone does not provide similar performance for a leading available in the market today, it is achieved as a result of a total of 91 points, which is the result of the match with the result scored by the phone Pocophone F1 and costs one point from your phone iPhone 8.

Includes cameras, three in the back of the phone Xperia 1 all the basic elements, but the execution is not perfect. The praise for the automatic adjustment of a fast and reliable image, even in the dark. It was the exposure of the display colors in the box, the pros as well. However, in test images, I got the phone Xperia 1 on 94 points, but it suffered from the smoothness of the corners and some displacement of the images such as dark circles. Failed HDR automatic in action several times also. Moreover, it turns out the group of DxOMark that the performance of The Flash was weak compared to rival phones.

The camera best in the phone Xperia 1 New didn’t offer it the performance that one can expect from a phone that was launched in the year 2019. Not only in terms of focal length, the level of detail was low leading to a reduction in the final result of the phone.


When it comes to recording videos, it has got phone Xperia 1 some points thanks to the image stabilization system exposure good. However, the study of cohesion was very low leading to a reduction in the score obtained by the phone in the test filming of the video to 84 points. Simply put, it was the details in the video clips is low even in environments of good lighting.

It turns out that the autofocus very accurate and was keen to re-focus. Regardless of the rear camera of the tripartite, they have found the tests of DxOMark that the front camera of the phone Xperia 1 doesn’t in turn provides it high performance. With a score of 78 points, they barely managed to negotiate on a camera phone the Google Pixel 2, the camera front for some leading smartphones as old as the iPhone X and Galaxy S8 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


In fact, if all you meet are images only, the primary camera of the phone Xperia 1 will provide you with good performance is relatively similar to some extent to perform phone iPhone XS Max. However, we can’t say the same thing about video recording.

Proved primary camera of the phone Xperia 1 they are good in group shots, especially because they focus on faces while calculating automatic exposure. However, it was the embodiment of color is not reliable and find that the dynamic range is low. Generally, you can head to the official website of the team DxOMark judging from the source link below to get more details about the cameras phone Xperia 1.


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