Phone Apple TV rollaway will adopt a different approach, and up until the year 2020

iPhone XS Max

Use Samsung to reveal her smart phone foldable first in the event that the company intends to be held in the 20th day of the month of February, and will other companies such as Huawei and LG after that same thing. Of course, wouldn’t want Apple to remain far behind competition, and therefore it works without it on her smart phone rollaway, but it would take a completely different approach, or at least that’s what you think Samsung.

While folding the phone Galaxy F to the inside, the Apple topping her smart phone foldable and is folded towards the outside. It is estimated that this method is cheaper and easier, but the total body of the phone will be larger and will be less attractive in general.

Behold the head of the Department innovation at Samsung to the possibility of Apple working on the iPhone foldable. He believes that Samsung will be a better experience for users in terms of design. According to him, has stated by saying : ” compared to the phone with the police twisted that it seems that Apple is targeted as one of the possible designs for its initial folding “.

But don’t be excited too much because the phone Apple folding the first and will not be disclosed until the year 2020 to say the least. And even then, it is possible to change a lot of things.


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