Phil Spencer: Google ad confirms the correctness of our orientation!

Phil Spencer_Xbox

Announced Google yesterday about the platform Google Stadia for the games via broadcast cloud, and there is no doubt that this advertising has an impact in the gaming world, and it heralds a revolution change is coming in the future that may not be far away. Well, what is the opinion of Mr. Phil Spencer, head of Department of Xbox in the declaration of Google’s?

Here’s the reaction to Phil Spencer, through a mail sent to the staff of the Xbox, and we got it via a new video from media Brad Sams:

I just finished watching the Google ad Stadia in the GDC. This ad is closer to the road that we decided to move two years ago from now.

Today we saw areas of high-caliber enters the world of games, with a depiction of the components of success such as content, community, and the cloud. There was no surprises in the announcement and if you have felt ceremoniously of how to harness them for YouTube, and use Google Assistant and tool for a new challenge working Wi-Fi.

But I want to go back to talk about, there was a lot of work to get to where we are today, ready to compete for the 2 million players around the world. Google has launched a major, and we in turn we will advertise big at the upcoming E3.

We must preserve our flexibility and to keep the construction with the user in the center of the building. We have content, community, team, cloud, and strategic, and as I said a while ago, it’s about the way of development. This is more healthy today than ever before.

Exciting times waiting for us.

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