Phil Schiller justified the low resolution display of the iPhone XR

Low resolution display of the iPhone XR, which some fans blamed Apple really does not matter for the perception of smartphone use. This statement by Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, spoke in an interview with Engadget. This is the case, said a top Manager when it is indicative of the quality of the product, not the numbers that characterize it.

“I am convinced that the only way to judge the quality of the display is just to look at him, — said Schiller. — If at some point the solution reaches the level where you can no longer discern individual pixels, and the numbers no longer mean anything, either, staying just one of the conventions”.

Liquid Retina Display

The Liquid display Retina, which Apple equips iPhone XR is the best Retina display in the iPhone history. The company’s engineers have achieved amazing color saturation and natural color, which is so important in photo – and videography, and many other usage scenarios. As for pixel density, it still corresponds to the canonical 326 ppi, not allowing the naked eye to distinguish individual dots that form the matrix.

However, Schiller made clear that the savings on components iPhone XR was thoughtful and well planned solution. Apple deliberately went for the cheaper production of the smartphone to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of edge-to-edge iPhone X for relatively little money.

“If we are going to promote only the iPhone XS and XS Max as the only correct option [flagship smartphone], how we can expand our audience? asks Schiller. — For us it was important to give people a more affordable solution, so they can say they have the best smartphone”.

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