PewDiePie loses the race after broken channel suitable barrier of 100 million subscribers on YouTube first


Was PewDiePie is Acer who owns the most number of participants for a very long time, and seemed to mostly everyone that he will be the first to break the barrier of 100 million subscribers. However, I began to mask Indian on YouTube called the T-Series to narrow the gap so that the competition has become confined between the PewDiePie channel T-Series. While lost channel PewDiePie preference in one of the stages of the race in favor of channel of T-Series, has become the latter now the first channel on YouTube to reach 100 million subscribers.

The YouTube itself published a tweet on the Twitter network congratulates the channel of T-Series on this important achievement and finish the race up first to 100 million subscribers after the competition strong and long. There is no other channel on YouTube crossed this figure it may take some time before that happens again.

Obviously the channel T-Series feel proud after becoming the first channel on YouTube in the world of up to 100 million subscribers despite the fact that the presence of a large amount of traffickers is just a Arbitrary. the popularity of the channel.

Some commentators argued that it would be more important when PewDiePie eventually reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube, if we take into account that a creative individual, while T-Series is a company. There may be some logic in this argument, but we postpone that discussion for another day.

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