Person know about our new plan to fight the comments and messages abusive

بيرسكوب تعلن عن خطتها الجديدة لمحاربة التعليقات والرسائل المسيئة

In the shadow of the ongoing implementation of the services broadcast direct seeking person owned by straining to of offensive comments and spam to users of the service in addition to the attempts of the occupation in the numbers of followers and views and interact as the company announced to users to follow more procedures limit the development of their policies in this regard.

Came in advertising disclaimer to users that the organization will take new actions consistent with the expanding scope of surveillance in the fight against actions that violate the usage policy via cracking down on the comments all and spam you have seen the addition of a feature reported previously, to be a new step to fight the torrent of fraud and the region in the use of apps to increase followers and watch and interact as well as admiration and to ban those accounts that resort to such methods.

The person applying the procedures via a new mechanism that allows the identification of violations and the interaction of false and abusive posts without relying directly on the Communications issued by the users and tested personal problem, and all this in order to maintain the numbers of current users and attract new users through the atmosphere is comfortable and provides greater credibility to people interested in the services of the live broadcast.

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