Permit to shocking from the founder of Amazon: “someday we will”!

تصريح صادم من مؤسس أمازون: "يوما ما سنسقط"!

Permit a sudden, from the founder and chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is due in the fall of his company to giant one day, would become the richest man in the world pessimist? Or is he still keeps the secret of his success inspiring, outstanding in its reality?

Amazon will one day

It may seem to some a statement weird, that’s what came out of Jeff Bezos, founder and executive director of the site months in the field of e-commerce, Amazon, when not to use his famous forever, when he said to the man who nicknamed the richest men in the world in modern times, read: “Amazon is not too big to fall, in fact, I expect it to fall someday”.

Raised permit Bezos was amazed and eyebrow, but it revealed a new realistic Bezos, which made him attribute shiny in the world of business and finance years ago, where he came his statement of basis in response to a question on bankruptcy of the series of the famous department stores “Sears”, as he saw the owner of the Amazon to date prove to everyone not to the survival of any empire forever, saying: “If you look at the big companies in the world, you’ll find they keep for about 30 years or a little more, but they don’t use in 100 years at all!”.

To postpone the inevitable.

Confirms Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, that the focus now should stay focused on the customer, just for the sake of what he called”postponed the eventual fall of”, which saw not far from his company’s giant, which was founded by for more than 24 years.

Says Bezos: “if everyone started in the Amazon in focus on themselves rather than customers, it would be tantamount to the beginning of the end, so we all have to work to delay that day the inevitable as much as possible”, in reference to the day know Amazon for bankruptcy.

Come the statements of Jeff Bezos, at the time of declaring the management of the Amazon have expressed their intention to extend the work for other places would require an increase in new numbers of employees of the company giant, estimated at more than 50,000 employees almost, with reference to Amazon in the last month losses of heavy material, given for the sharp fall in the shares of the company, resulted in the loss of about $ 250 million, in the loss is the first of its kind for Amazon, and its founder Bezos.

This theme permit to shocking from the founder of Amazon: “someday we will”! Appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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