Perhaps this is the most unusual game in the App Store

Millions of applications hosted in the App Store, the problem of choice: which to install? In that play? The answers to these questions we are constantly trying to give you my reviews. Today’s guest will help us in this, because this is one of the most unusual mobile games for iOS. Intrigued? Well, let’s watch!

It’s not just words, because the game about which speech will go today, not unlike any other app. No, this is not a regular runner, shooter or boring card game. Stories: Your Choice — a collection of interactive stories, the main character who is you. The main feature of the game is that it does not have any one script you have written: continuation of each story depends on your choice.

For example, it is possible to get on a desert island with two beautiful and tighten them real novel, if at each stage to make the right choice. Or, while on the high seas on a pirate ship, to solve you need to start a riot or is it necessary to obey the captain. A simple choice will have serious consequences on the story, but the complex may lead to unexpected consequences. Moreover, your answers directly depends on the reputation of a hero, so better to think over the choice.

The appearance and behavior of the character is also completely controlled by the player. There are many hairstyles and costumes, which he will look even better, and the character is formed directly. So, if you ever choose the tough answers, the character will earn a reputation as a villain or worse, a tyrant. Loyal behavior to the girl will become like a faithful spouse, and a destroyer of women’s hearts. And everywhere, everything is based on choice.

As for the stories, a lot of them, from mystery and crime to horror. In “world Domination”, for example, need to revolt and gather troops to take revenge on the demigod who has selected the character’s hometown. The story “Trapped in Paradise” will be on a desert island with the girls. Sounds cool, that’s just a romantic story can abruptly turn out to be a crime scene. The ending of each story shapes the player, responding as he wants. Sometimes choices are only two (when they do not have a strong influence on the plot), and often several of them.

This is the only catalog of stories in different genres in the Russian language, which collected the subjects which will be of interest to both men and women. But the best part is that the collection is constantly updated: new chapters to stories come out every week, and even if you pass one subject, this does not mean that it is over. New stories appear with surprising frequency, and for convenience they are grouped by genres.

To play in “History” is completely free; in-app purchases, though there (tickets to access the new stories and diamonds for selection in the game), but they are not Intrusive. If you have patience, you can collect your tickets free. But for those who want to get early access to the stories a week before the rest, there is a VIP status, which gives twice the tickets and diamonds.

Some bugs in the game (mainly with text) sometimes occur, but because the authors and developers are constantly working to correct texts, releasing updates with fixes, the game becomes even more enjoyable. Us “History” like in the first place with its unusual — all the same such game in Russian App Store was not. Do not be surprised if the game then take one of the prizes from Apple.

Name: Game stories for every taste
Publisher/developer: Tesla Games
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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