Performed the first brain surgery remote connection 5G

Dr. Ling chibi day last Saturday planting catalyst nervous in the brain and in the existing tools within the hospital PLAGH in Beijing from the clinic on the island of Hainan, located 3,000 km from the hospital, the process took about three hours, ended successfully as reported by the patient, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, he became good after the operation.

Recall that the doctor use a computer connected to the 5G developed by company Huawei, according to Dr. Ling, the network has allowed direct contact between the patient and the faster the patient feel touch, knowing that 4G networks traditional do not allow the surgeries because of the slow pace especially in the direct transport of audio and video.

I have conducted many medical institutions around the world already a series of experiments in the field of robotic surgery highlighted examples of this is the Da Vinci system of the U.S., however, still the technology is facing considerable problems to be solved, where it seems that there are many criticisms of the current machines due to problems in its performance.

The benefit of remote surgery in the possibility of connecting the immediate assistance of the best doctors of the world for people who live in remote areas or slums, in addition to war zones, thanks to the bandwidth of large networks of 5G, they provide a delay in response is too low during surgery.

Source: RT

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