Performance tests show that computers iMac new provide faster performance by 75 percent

Apple iMac

For nearly two years, the failure of Apple to update the lineup iMac, at least until the last week where the company finally updated the lineup of iMac through providing them with new products. Thus, the question that arises now is-Should the users be bothered to upgrade to later models huh? Well, it seems that they should, at least based on the results of performance tests obtained.

According to the results of the performance tests that have undergone no computers, iMac new high-end, it appear that it has been registered an increase in the speed by 75 percent compared with previous models. In fact, the model of iMac, the new has achieved 6314 points in the test of nuclear per and 33713 point in the test nuclear multi. For comparison, it has achieved the previous model 5684 points in the test of nuclear per and 19372 points in a test multiple cores.

However, we assume that it is not surprising that computers iMac new faster than its predecessors, but due to the performance has increased by 75 percent, it seems worth it if you have the money for it. Featuring computers, iMac new of the existence of the third generation of Intel Core processors, although they don’t necessarily come up with a new design, but it is well worth it.

Computers iMac new cost starting from 1299 $ to copy the 21.5 inch, and it is 1799 $ USD copy of 27-inch which include a screen with a resolution of 5K.

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