Perfect solution to watch run out of battery Your phone

Some a lot of problems when the phone’s battery especially since it usually occurs in times more important without to be with you power supply or your charger.

This problem several reasons and explanations can be found in the following:

The brightness of the screen for maximum

Lighting your phone and the level of screen brightness has a big impact in run out of phone battery as it hurts the system with repeated use, so we recommend you to always choose the appropriate degree of light (the brightness average in the least)

The lack of signal or bad connection

Poor communication yields mainly weak signals of your mobile, when you reside in a place where the signal is trying to phone that works smart, hard to pick up the best signal it seems more effort in it than displays you the effectiveness of the battery rapidly. Therefore, we recommend that you always put your phone on Flight mode in places where the signal may later need to have your phone charged.

Applications connected to the internet

The internet connection makes the phone works in more than one of them download videos and receive messages and download data and pick up the direction of the office and activate the navigation system and which presents you the most effectiveness of your phone battery rapidly.

Solutions Microsoft smart life easier

Microsoft lately revealed its latest innovations of the smart and solution to the problem of running out battery of your phone is the piece of additional control to support all of your access to the internet and download your apps and receive messages and voice calls and play your videos and photos to interact with all the apps and content on your phone, not just follow it.

Is added piece of check-ins by a small cable and control with more than 6 distinct choices differ among themselves according to the extent of your use, Microsoft aims to cut through a new challenge to keep your battery as long as possible, and enjoyment applications on your phone for the longest time without exposure to the effectiveness of the battery of the phone.

Recall that Microsoft is thinking well in the sale of a piece of the new control for mobile phones to reduce its marketing of itself and does not seek for marketing by Microsoft for this widget or put the fixed price.

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