People don’t want to mess with Bitcoins. Why?

The year 2017 has become a landmark for the entire industry of crypto currency a few months she was unrecognizable. The sharp rise of Bitcoin has brought dozens of x’s early investors and traders. However, some townsfolk are still skeptical about the crypt. The reasons for this are tried to find NewsBTC.

Cryptocurrency is too risky an investment

Last year almost every media ever mentioned Bitcoin and its record growth. However, experts found out that the prevalence of crypts after bullrun is still at a very low level.

To such conclusion analysts of the Harris Insights. In the survey of 2000 respondents in the Gem revealed that only 8 percent of Americans own digital assets. In Russia this figure is even lower. For comparison, half of the US population over the age of 18 actively investing in stocks and traditional markets.

Moreover, 43 percent of respondents said they would never buy bitcoin because of too high volatility and risks.

Experts also found out another interesting detail — the citizens with the salary above 100 thousand dollars per year less interest in new investment opportunities. Only 6 percent of them bought Bitcoin. Americans with an income of 50-75 thousand dollars per year has revealed a greater interest in the crypt. The situation said Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht.

Kriptonyte is still in a state of “Wild West”, so there are big risks. If you have a little something to lose, you just have to take more risks.

Investors do not want to mess with the stock market for a number of reasons. First, the digital assets are too volatile and can bring huge profits and huge losses. Secondly, the position of the financial regulators around Bitcoin and altcoins are still not clear. Thirdly, market players are not insured against loss of funds due to hacking of exchanges and other hacker attacks.


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