Penetration of data users on Flipboard throughout the 9 months

اختراق بيانات المستخدمين على Flipboard على مدار 9 أشهر

Revealed platform Flipboard is known for being a place to spread the news and share other sites about the process of penetrating a large encountered by the Pirates of the internet, this process was stretched over 9 months ago but she didn’t know about the process of penetration over that period.

And Flipboard that the process of the hack targeted the internal system of the organization means that the shoppers were able to access the data of users in general on the platform, and completed the database for the target campaign information such as e-mail and username in addition to your links and passwords.

But on some users to praise God for being the stored passwords were encrypted mechanism specific and hard to change, but that this didn’t apply to everyone so that other can know their passwords with ease.

And you know the product of the number of accounts that have been harmed in the process of penetration where you still check into it, but she confirmed not affected all users.

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