Penetration huge reveals 773 million e-mails and 21 million password

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It is always advisable to check on the Have I Been Pwned, which is the online service that lets you check whether your login credentials have been hacked. Security researcher Troy Hunt, who run this service recently revealed information about a breach is enormous. This includes more than 773 e-mail and 21 million password.

Says Troy Hunt that login data stolen this appeared in the file sharing service Mega last week. The data inside the folder size of 87 GB supports Collection 1 features a 12000 file. Enable Troy Hunt of addressing this area to get an idea of the size of this hack.

There are more than 773 million e-mails in this field with more than 21 million password. What is most worrying is that these passwords have been decrypted so that anyone can use it in guessing attacks in an attempt to match these passwords with the email addresses of the appropriate. It is reported that this basic list is a set of small rolls obtained from the operations of a previous hack.

Doesn’t seem that all of these data come from a single service. Somebody essentially create a comprehensive list for many of the logins that have been leaked so that the hacker used in the attacks of stuffing the login data which includes the use of scripts to inject data registration entry obtained from the web site a hacker in a different web site because most people tend to use the same passwords on many sites.

Been entering all the login data that was leaked in this hack database service Have I Been Pwned. You can stop there and write your e-mail address to check if you are affected. If you do, you will have to change your passwords quickly.


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