Penetration due August 2018 – new ways to hack WhatsApp, beware of them !

It was in the arena hacking WhatsApp is much more difficult and less common than other accounts such as email or social media accounts, and the reason for that WhatsApp is linked to chip your contact no your e-mail, but that same power was anachronistic now. In the recent period has spread hack WhatsApp Booth, high quality, and the right of expression that the process of recovering the account after the hack and stole a difficult process even if e-mailed technical support for areas where the waiting period is long and probably not get a response.

How to hack?

Now the question is, how come hack? The way the car these days is an honor having you message accompanied by a link, and then find the same user has lost his account because of his writing for the code to activate or mobilize the data or even without it, the pressure on the rest and it makes your account reacts to the crooks and it happens sometimes n lose your account just by clicking on the link. Of course the inventors in this case, and then hacked again calculate what, ask the owner money for it back and that’s what happened with a group of people sweat.

If what you have to do!

First : beauty

Do not respond with any message that contains a link to an anonymous, and don’t open a link from anyone unless it was a trusted friend, look at the form of salary, the nature of his words, how it begins and ends, for example, there is a difference between a clear link as and a link to mysterious you to enjoy and it’s okay if I asked him from the door of the war.

Secondly : two-step verification

And is a very useful feature added by WhatsApp search can’t one log in to the account only after the installation of a number of 6 digits bits to send it to your phone number which I put in for this feature, and it is linked to your account with your email.

Third : the speed of design

In the case of the time of the victim to hack delete the app from your device and download it from the App Store again, then enter to him with a request activation code to receive a message, and if it does not request activation by calling, but it may require activation and does not occur in response then is to stop the demand for two hours before trying again.

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