Penetrating the Mexican Embassy in Guatemala and leaking thousands of sensitive documents

اختراق السفارة المكسيكية في غواتيمالا وتسريب آلاف المستندات الحساسة

The embassy of the state of Mexico in Guatemala piracy last week by the laboratory; where he received thousands of important documents and sensitive had it published to the public via a Twitter account titled definitions @0x55Taylor in the number of files leaked 4800 file whale personal data and official documents to citizens and diplomats of Mexico.

In justified the inventor did, the fact that the embassy had ignored attempts to contact him to complete a particular command, said revenge in this way Cast Crew her a lesson by posting data and files, the cloud storage company added to the data grant links to it at a later time than posted, which didn’t stop of course, keep some people with the information before being blocked.

According to the hackers the data have been included in the documents and certificates official of Mexican citizens as well as passports and visas, and also included special documents staff of the embassy and diplomats enjoy special privileges and immunity, with several papers on the budget and expenses of the medical management information including vacation times and other rules of procedure.

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