PC sales rise for the first time since 6 years

مبيعات أجهزة الكمبيوتر ترتفع لأول مرة منذ 6 سنوات

Continued PC sales to decline during the years after the control tablets and smart phones on the market electronic devices, but on non-public and after 6 years of back sales of computers rise again according to the market analysis of major companies.

Published Foundation Gartner to determine the data that sales of devices increased approximately 2.7% during the second quarter of 2018, at the said institution other IDC reported that sales rose by 1.4%. Despite the differences between women, but it is even more important is the height of the building, either about the reason for the difference is due being Gartner believes tablet devices that are running Windows within the computer hardware unlike the IDC.

According to the analysis of the sales of the two institutions, the companies HP, Lenovo, del, Apple TV, is is the dominant on the market is expected to continue its control during the next period, which is clear to everyone, especially with the high sales of these companies in the second quarter of the year actually.

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