PayPal allows instant transfer to bank account

باي بال السعودية PayPal

Since last September allowed PayPal for businesses that are converting their balances to their banking accounts immediately, today, individuals can also get their funds directly into their bank account with afford to commission of 1% of the conversion value.

Launched the company’s service is currently only in the United States may be required and important to a lot of users who do not wait for hours or days to get their money after a withdrawal request from PayPal to their bank card.

Will the implementation of the service in the United States through the platform provided immediate used by major United States banks for immediate download fast.

And PayPal to provide service later in many countries of the world, but this has its own complexity and need for cooperation with, among others, for clearing and the prompt settlement of accounts.

And targeting PayPal of this service those who do not have a bank card as well as independent workers via the internet by providing services to the Mini who receive payments non-periodic, and need for greater flexibility in the reception of the dialogues.

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