PayPal acquires company iZettle vs 2.2$ million

باي بال السعودية PayPal

باي بال تستحوذ على شركة iZettle مقابل 2.2$ مليار

Not only PayPal company expand its work continuously, where it announced the acquisition of a company specialized in financial matters and defenses iZettle vs 2.2$ million.

It was the Swedish company was founded in 2010 by Jacob de gie and Magnus Nilsson, and it offers financial services to various small businesses; such as electronic payment systems, points of Defense, and applications to past partners.

And the company expanded beyond Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil.

Is considered iZettle are more companies that deal with the PayPal payment system through its different since 2015, according to news of the acquisition talks that lasted for years, and the company’s founder and Executive Director of the not Jakob de Jeanne in charge of the police department in Paypal.

Recall, that the Swedish police had to fill in the entry form on the stock exchange Swedish days ago, and was planning to reap 227$ million from that process, which gives a hint about the interdependence of the two processes through the timing and resounding.



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