Patents of Tesla to accelerate the production of cars with the help of augmented reality

براءة اختراع من تسلا لتسريع إنتاج السيارات بمساعدة الواقع المعزز

The company submitted the manufacturing of electric cars famous, Tesla, patented centered around the use of augmented reality technology in increasing the efficiency of production of the automotive industry in its various sources, and made a request for the adoption of the Patent and invented the World Organization for intellectual property.

And the new patent on assisting the client in raising the speed of production through the augmented reality technology through the conceptualization of materials and designs, allowing you to see the general situation for step-by-step; else, it will help augmented reality technology sources delivered to know the details of the process without resorting to Policies, etc., then put the tape my skin to the story, you will not need the general command of all the corners to match the specifications, so that the technique will give the details of measurement positions without the use of traditional tools.

As will technical on image processing data to provide definitive information about the production stage, and of course will be all about the way helmets augmented reality that will provide all the information to the client to help them on the production, as it will substitute the helmet protective traditional in factories.

The summary of the innocent the invention of Tesla is that augmented reality technology will speed up production by providing quick solutions for the tools traditional such as measurement, which will increase the production efficiency.

The patents of Tesla to accelerate the production of cars with the help of augmented reality appeared first on the tech world.

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