Patents hint for the coming of the footprint to the Apple Watch in the future

Appeared today a patent registered by Apple since the period of the plans, Apple is possible to add the feature to the Touch ID (fingerprint) for her next. The patent discusses a new technique by which you can add the Antena inside the arena which will be able to enjoy and move freely without impact on the scene in the thing.

Antenna you can add to the Apple will connect the screen to the body of the former the same in an excellent manner and will be accurate touch and know you better than any other time, and the best applications of this new feature is to put the account fingerprint inside the screen itself.

Apple's patent application for watch bands with embedded antennas mentions the possibility of using an in-display fingerprint scanner for the Apple Watch - Patent filing hints at in-display Touch ID for the Apple Watch

Another illustration from the patent application - Patent filing hints at in-display Touch ID for the Apple Watch

Most likely it is water will not mean you will have to add your fingerprint every time you open VI, or start to use it, it will be used in the processes of confirmation when you pay or when you do any process to account through the former instead of entering a pin as is the case now and all of this comes coupled with the application of the clear that may be implemented based on this technique.

Source: PhoneArena

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