Patents from Apple hint at the possibility of the advent of a version of augmented reality mapping service Apple Maps

apple maps

We know that Apple like the augmented reality technology with the knowledge that there are many rumors which indicated that Apple is working on the development of the helmet augmented reality. As a result, we can’t say we were surprised when we heard that Apple is targeting new ways to integrate augmented reality technology into other products and services, such as mapping service Apple Maps.

According to a new report released recently from the website Patently Apple, it seems it was recently published patent from Apple suggests that the versions of the future of mapping service Apple Maps has used augmented reality technology. No doubt you are wondering now how will be that? Assume that the inclusion of a three-dimensional version of Apple Maps in the helmet augmented reality is one of those possible solutions, but in this particular case I imagined Apple TV how can already display a three-dimensional version of the mapping service Apple Maps on the surface of the table in the real world.


This means that, in theory, can your smart phone to ” show ” a certain area of the maps the Apple Maps on the table, and you can browse the map from different angles. For example, instead of the maps view from the top towards the bottom, you can already view the maps from angles more to get a better look.

In fact, this is not the first time that the use of augmented reality technology in this way. In fact, I used the Apple same way with the games in earlier this year through use of table and augmented reality and your iOS device. Thus, the use of this method with the mapping service Apple Maps is not excluded. Unfortunately, given that this is only a patent, there is no certainty that Apple will convert this idea into reality, and thus it is better not to speak too much to this idea.

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