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No longer the apple of the more companies in the world by the number of patents they are likely to be among the top 10 of several the last two years has become 11 where recorded 2103 patent in 2016 and 2229 patented in 2017. With many patents granted each year, it would be difficult to find out who owns it. And after many legal disputes between the companies, such as what is happening between Apple and Samsung or Apple and ko you or other companies. It is through this conflict we can identify the importance and the value of the patent is disputed. In this article we learn about some of the most patent of Apple.

An important clarification

Do you mean the patent that this technology is owned exclusively for the specific destination and not really any other use without her consent. But that doesn’t mean definitively that no other companies can offer the same thing but they can this, but differently. For example, Apple have patented icons of the characters of the curve, this is not the right company offering the same thing just like Apple do but it is not forbidden absolutely to provide characters curved. It granted is to be of the same size and the same dimensions and the same angle of curvature of the special Apple. With this you can any company provide the icons but the size and dimensions and different design. We wanted to make the promotion of this point in response to the comments available that how to say that Apple has patented a fingerprint, like all companies, not visionary. This is the response to the enquiry.

◉ Drag the joy of the Slide-to-Unlock

The court battles between Apple and Samsung due to this property it was the end of her last year. Where in the lawsuit to fine Samsung $ 120 million for violating a patent that. Tell use of this property after the introduction of fingerprint and facial imprint of joy, and I was still found to uses other than open the phone like drag the left or right hand to call the camera or Widget.

◉ Multitouch Multitouch

One of the characteristics of the revolutionary representative of the docking-iPhone moments make the year 2007, is a multi-touch where the center of the patent of invention in the United States and the prevention of Apple patented multi-touch Multitouch, which means recognition technology more than a touch at one time. Had also many issues between Apple and Samsung and HTC regarding that property.

◉ Quick links

Apple acquired this property in 1992, where the computer on these links will automatically become doable. For iOS users the quick links you find in the addresses and phone numbers. It is browse through your website and found you have your phone number, once clicked you can make a call. Of patents and this was within the patent of the disputed judicial also between Apple and Samsung has won Apple in the end.

◉ Multi-touch three-dimensional or 3D Touch

3D Touch think of the revolutionary inventions made by Apple is not in the iPhone, but added by the authority in some touch panels in their other organs. Although the usefulness of this property varies from user to another but it certainly added a new dimension in iOS system.

◉ Pen Apple

Registry is the apple of the input tools is brilliant, and shake the inventor of the Apple to make the pen does not work on objects sensitive to touch, but works in any place, in other words you can use in the writing on the hand or the walls or the table, and shows everything you do on the screen of an iPad or Mac.

◉ AirPlay, AirPrint, AirDrop

Apple aims behind its devices interact with the surrounding environment. Where they let you handle everything through your hands. Call AirDrop allows you to share anything with other devices. AirPrint helps you to print your files on the edition of wireless with ease. AirPlay watch MMORPG with TV also.

◉ The Digital Crown in the previous

You may think that the wrist or the handle of the quirky and doesn’t deserve to be patented? But Apple is not the opinion of another. The digital crown or Digital Crown, which is seen as a tool to enter key in the Apple watch, where the user can enlarge the icon of the app or minimize it, or press to return to the Home screen such as a button home in the iPhone. This following contains the reaction of the vibration when you touch it due to the presence of engine click Taptic Engine . Also used in some applications to change to top and bottom of the screen, which is like Apple moved to the iPhone, where it registered a patent for the use of the following digital phones, an iPhone and an iPad, and the new patent which was registered recently, confirms Apple on how to apply the use of the following digital phones and iPhone, which is not known until now.

◉ True Tone and Night Shift

Apple aims behind it to make the phone’s screen like paper and here comes the function of True Tone to light depending on the surrounding environment to make the screen look like paper. In other words become the regions expected in the image warmer behind the work to improve the image more natural.

As for the Night Shift it is adjusting the temperature automatically for the convenience of the eye. And, through it, is reduced to blue color which causes more attention and difficulty sleeping with his presence. It is run through this mode works bug the comfort of the eye and thus be prepared for.

◉ Touch ID or the ID of the insight

Apple introduced this feature in the iPhone 5s in 2013 and is still used in the latest versions iPhone 8 and then replaced by the imprint of the face in the iPhone X it has recently been argued that Apple would abandon a fingerprint permanently in all of its organs to be replaced by the imprint of the face although there are studies that indicate that 30% of Apple customers prefer the fingerprint of the finger while the rest find that imprint the facial process is fast and much better.

Face ID and TrueDepth

Do you think that this feature appeared in the 2017 all of a sudden? This is not true where the Apple patent in 2013 which indicates that the fingerprint face took time in development and experimentation a few years before being used in iPhone X where the use of Apple’s fingerprint face a complex and delicate system too, which makes you trust and replace it with the footprint.

◉ Entrance of the Lightning

Apple started in the use of this kind with the launch of the iPhone 5 came where small size and performs several functions. Duty the entrance to the Lightning several criticisms at the beginning of his despite the fact that senior technical and on top of Hodgkins praised this kind and said he was a very great invention and noted its benefits and on top of the cargo in any direction and support a crew of 12 and in charging an iPad.

◉ MagSafe

The innovation of the Apple genius who appeared in the 2006 and abandoned by the company unfortunately recently. A wire charger associated your device with the magnet is strong. The purpose of that if you find one with this wire, the magnetic is moving without dropping your device on the ground is repeated. With the launch of the generations talk of MacBook Apple abandoned on this cable and to the USB-C after 10 years in which his mission to the best and got the admiration of millions.

Do you imagine that Apple has this kind of patents? Any patents Apple former are the most important? Tell us in the comments



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