Patented reveal the way the folds of the Galaxy X final

With the approaching Launch Date of the Galaxy X rollaway diversity of opinion about the mechanism of action of the phone, however the latest information comes from a patent awarded to the company’s July 5 last.

Show patent foldable phone, consists of two screens built two, working with the sensor, especially the folds of the phone and the angles and speed of folding, so that it includes the upper part which represents 40% of the size of the fact, in addition to the sensor, the second senses the grip of the consumer about the phone to return the phone for normal mode automatically when not touching the behind of the phone.

The top to show notifications in the case of not using the device, despite the fact that their screen could be used as one in the position of not folding.

Don’t laugh at us how you can benefit Galaxy X or a mobile phone is more sophisticated than this patent, as well as the appearance of a real product that functions.

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