Patented new reveal to us how it may seem Google phone rollaway

People try out Google's Pixel 2 phones during a launch event in San Francisco

It seems that the company Google is hoping to enter a turn to the smartphone market collapsible, at least that’s what suggests to patent a new invention has been discovered recently. After all of Samsung and Huawei detects their phones smart folding at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019, which was held in Barcelona, Spain late last month, will the rest of the manufacturers by letter A, and Google Inc of between these companies.

Reveal the patent of Google for a design somewhat similar to the phone Motorola Razr 2019 rollaway which is likely to be revealed by Motorola in time later this year. This phone will be collapsible in the horizontal axis, but innocence is also a perception gap between the half because of a technology folding Ltd. currently available.


However, keep in mind that patents don’t always turn into products, so don’t hold your breath. May come Google phone folding design completely different from that embodied in the patent.


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