Patented new Motorola smartphone folding


I got Motorola on the patented new smart phone is foldable with the “detailed” heat which can heat up part of the screen, which maintains it and prevents it from damage.

According to the published location of the GSM India Forum, using this design, can save the Motorola smartphone flexible with OLED display which can be folded in and out, as the phone can contains more detailed one and so easy to fold more accurately and easily to the users.

The Motorola filed a patent in 2016, which is dependent on the technology so smart, where there is a temperature sensor works even if the phone is off or when it is folded, if the temperature is too low, the screen will start to saturation, so the “joint” warms up even corrects them automatically, except that the patent Motorola is not accompanied by any phone that supports this technology, it is not likely to see one soon.


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